How to YouTube

Creating a maximum 4 minute tutorial video for YouTube seems like a fairly simple and clear-cut assignment. It is not.

The topic of my video was “How to do Game Day Makeup”. The makeup part was simple because I do my makeup every single day. However, figuring out how to turn my daily routine into a YouTube video proved to be a real challenge.

I had to go into the mindset of a person who may not know anything about the products I am using and how they are used. Now, it would have taken me a lot longer than 4 minutes if I actually explained each item in detail, but I made sure to show pictures of each item that I used and then how to apply each item (aka the basics). There are so many ways that a video like this could have been done, so I think it all boils down to what audience you are wanting to target: beginners, intermediate, or experts. I would say mine was targeting the intermediate group, but I put myself in the mindset of a beginner because I did not want to assume that my audience knew everything that I did.

After I figured out who I wanted to target, I had to go through the video in my head and how I wanted it to ultimately look. This allows me to get all the shots that I need for the video. I decided that I wanted to use this outline:

  1. The Eyes
    • Primer/ eyeliner/ eyeshadow/ mascara/ brush
    • Application
  2. The Face
    • Primer/ foundation/ bronzer and blush/ setting powder
    • Application

This was a very rough outline of what I wanted, but I could visualize it in my head and that is all that mattered. Next, it was time to shoot my video! I set up in my room and added some lights so that it was easier to see the details of what I was doing. My biggest struggle was setting my phone in the perfect spot. I had a giant mirror across my desk and wanted to make sure nothing was reflecting in the mirror. I ended up using my selfie stick and laying it across my desk and leaning the phone up against the mirror. It only fell down twice while recording:)

I took all my raw footage to Premier, where I edited it and made it into a completed “how to” video. It isn’t the fanciest video, but it has titles and it makes sense.

Overall, I think that it turned out well despite the challenges that I faced. For me, I am not sure how well it helped my online brand. I mean, I don’t think it hurt it any; I just don’t think it really helped. For a video major or web-based major, I think it would be of great benefit. However, in the world of marketing, I really don’t think it is a make-or-break component. I know that promotional videos are great (especially for Facebook), but that is about it.

  • Improvements: Add music and describe each item in more detail.
  • Promotion: Post link to other social media sights for friends and family to see.
  • Future plans: I do not plan on making any videos in the future. I would say there are people who would benefit from having such videos, I just feel that it is not something that would be of great benefit to me.

makeup tutorial

What Google Says About Me

Googling “Anna Printz” resulted in many profiles and articles about other people with my same name. However, the top few links that came up were about me, and included my social media profiles, my blog, and pictures of me. So now when I apply for jobs, the hiring professionals can easily find out things about me that they would not see on my resume or cover letter. The following are explanations of every social media platform that I use/ shows up on Google.


Purpose: My purpose is to connect with family and friends by viewing posts from them and uploading photos of my own so they can see what I have been up to. I also co-manage the Cornhusker State Games page for my internship at Nebraska Sports Council. I create and schedule marketing related posts such as: Motivation Monday, Freebie Friday, right hook Saturday, and Sport Specific Sunday.

Content Plan: I post photos and share links of what is important to me such as, cheer articles, accomplishments of friends/ family, and interesting posts from the College. I plan to continue to post these sort of items in the future, as it is appropriate and shows more of who I am.


Purpose: My purpose is to connect with friends, mainly from school, and campus organizations. I am not looking to make this a very professional site for myself, but I also want to make sure that it is appropriate and reflects me in a positive light.

Content Plan: I tweet occasionally about light hearted personal things, Love Your Melon Events, cheer events, school events. Retweet accounts such as Love Your Melon and Hastings College organizations. I plan to maintain my Twitter how it is, because I think that it does a good job of showing my personality and what all I am involved in or interested in.


Purpose: My purpose is to connect with friends by posting pictures from current events in my life. I have this social media site linked to my online blog because I think it is a good way to show my personality a little bit more than what just words and documents on my blog say about me.

Content Plan: I post about times with friends and family, cheer pictures, and Love Your Melon event pictures. I want to continue to post about these positive things so that professionals can see what sort of things I am passionate about outside of work and school.


Purpose: My purpose is to make connections with professionals in my potential field of work. This is the one site that I want to be as professional as I can, and keep the more personal posts away. Hopefully, potential employers will view this and learn more about what I could bring to their company.

Content Plan: I want to fill out as much as I can about my interests and previous work experience. I also have my resumes attached. Getting endorsements for skills is also important. Lastly, commenting on/liking/posting articles related to your field are good ways to make connections and show interest. In order to improve my LinkedIn, I want to make sure I am keeping it up to date and it is portraying the best version of myself as possible.


Purpose:  My purpose is to brand myself to a larger extent than just social media. With a WordPress blog, I can let people know more about me through my writing. They can view some projects that I have worked on, as well as more detail about what I am involved in.

Content Plan: I want to have more in depth information about myself than what you would find on social media, major projects I have completed, and a blog about my personal brand. I plan on improving this by keeping it up to date as best as I can.

Online Personal Branding

Personal Brand

My online brand currently consists of four social media websites and my WordPress blog. The social media platforms that I use are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for personal purposes and post/ retweet about family, friends, cheer, Love Your Melon, and sorority events. LinkedIn is more of my professional site where I show potential employers my skills and interests, as well as connect with colleagues or people in the same field as me. My WordPress is kind of a mix between the two. It has a professional side that shows my resume and some major projects I have worked on. I t also shows my personality and what extracurricular things I am involved in. Currently, I believe that my main presence is social media because I am an avid user and lover of all things social media; I even have it linked to my WordPress.

Personal branding is highly important and ever changing. I am constantly working on projects or discovering new passions that I should update my brand with. I think keeping my LinkedIn profile up to date is something I should make a priority. According to Miller’s text, I need to make my online brand marketable to my “customer”. In my case, I am marketing myself to potential employers, so I would want to work on making my online appearance presentable to them. There are many ways that I can go about doing this, but one of the ways that Miller talked about was keeping your social media updated and in-line with what you are trying to market. For websites, search engine optimization (SEO) is a major key in getting consumers to click on your website instead of someone else’s. So owning my domain name and having a large web presence will be a key role in accomplishing that. I agree with Miller that online brands should be constructed FOR the consumer, WITH the consumer in mind at all times. For my personal brand, I would want to market myself as an organized, detail-oriented, smart, and responsible young professional to the potential companies that I would want to work for when I graduate.