Online Personal Branding

Personal Brand

My online brand currently consists of four social media websites and my WordPress blog. The social media platforms that I use are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for personal purposes and post/ retweet about family, friends, cheer, Love Your Melon, and sorority events. LinkedIn is more of my professional site where I show potential employers my skills and interests, as well as connect with colleagues or people in the same field as me. My WordPress is kind of a mix between the two. It has a professional side that shows my resume and some major projects I have worked on. I t also shows my personality and what extracurricular things I am involved in. Currently, I believe that my main presence is social media because I am an avid user and lover of all things social media; I even have it linked to my WordPress.

Personal branding is highly important and ever changing. I am constantly working on projects or discovering new passions that I should update my brand with. I think keeping my LinkedIn profile up to date is something I should make a priority. According to Miller’s text, I need to make my online brand marketable to my “customer”. In my case, I am marketing myself to potential employers, so I would want to work on making my online appearance presentable to them. There are many ways that I can go about doing this, but one of the ways that Miller talked about was keeping your social media updated and in-line with what you are trying to market. For websites, search engine optimization (SEO) is a major key in getting consumers to click on your website instead of someone else’s. So owning my domain name and having a large web presence will be a key role in accomplishing that. I agree with Miller that online brands should be constructed FOR the consumer, WITH the consumer in mind at all times. For my personal brand, I would want to market myself as an organized, detail-oriented, smart, and responsible young professional to the potential companies that I would want to work for when I graduate.



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