What Google Says About Me

Googling “Anna Printz” resulted in many profiles and articles about other people with my same name. However, the top few links that came up were about me, and included my social media profiles, my blog, and pictures of me. So now when I apply for jobs, the hiring professionals can easily find out things about me that they would not see on my resume or cover letter. The following are explanations of every social media platform that I use/ shows up on Google.


Purpose: My purpose is to connect with family and friends by viewing posts from them and uploading photos of my own so they can see what I have been up to. I also co-manage the Cornhusker State Games page for my internship at Nebraska Sports Council. I create and schedule marketing related posts such as: Motivation Monday, Freebie Friday, right hook Saturday, and Sport Specific Sunday.

Content Plan: I post photos and share links of what is important to me such as, cheer articles, accomplishments of friends/ family, and interesting posts from the College. I plan to continue to post these sort of items in the future, as it is appropriate and shows more of who I am.


Purpose: My purpose is to connect with friends, mainly from school, and campus organizations. I am not looking to make this a very professional site for myself, but I also want to make sure that it is appropriate and reflects me in a positive light.

Content Plan: I tweet occasionally about light hearted personal things, Love Your Melon Events, cheer events, school events. Retweet accounts such as Love Your Melon and Hastings College organizations. I plan to maintain my Twitter how it is, because I think that it does a good job of showing my personality and what all I am involved in or interested in.


Purpose: My purpose is to connect with friends by posting pictures from current events in my life. I have this social media site linked to my online blog because I think it is a good way to show my personality a little bit more than what just words and documents on my blog say about me.

Content Plan: I post about times with friends and family, cheer pictures, and Love Your Melon event pictures. I want to continue to post about these positive things so that professionals can see what sort of things I am passionate about outside of work and school.


Purpose: My purpose is to make connections with professionals in my potential field of work. This is the one site that I want to be as professional as I can, and keep the more personal posts away. Hopefully, potential employers will view this and learn more about what I could bring to their company.

Content Plan: I want to fill out as much as I can about my interests and previous work experience. I also have my resumes attached. Getting endorsements for skills is also important. Lastly, commenting on/liking/posting articles related to your field are good ways to make connections and show interest. In order to improve my LinkedIn, I want to make sure I am keeping it up to date and it is portraying the best version of myself as possible.


Purpose:  My purpose is to brand myself to a larger extent than just social media. With a WordPress blog, I can let people know more about me through my writing. They can view some projects that I have worked on, as well as more detail about what I am involved in.

Content Plan: I want to have more in depth information about myself than what you would find on social media, major projects I have completed, and a blog about my personal brand. I plan on improving this by keeping it up to date as best as I can.


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