How to YouTube

Creating a maximum 4 minute tutorial video for YouTube seems like a fairly simple and clear-cut assignment. It is not.

The topic of my video was “How to do Game Day Makeup”. The makeup part was simple because I do my makeup every single day. However, figuring out how to turn my daily routine into a YouTube video proved to be a real challenge.

I had to go into the mindset of a person who may not know anything about the products I am using and how they are used. Now, it would have taken me a lot longer than 4 minutes if I actually explained each item in detail, but I made sure to show pictures of each item that I used and then how to apply each item (aka the basics). There are so many ways that a video like this could have been done, so I think it all boils down to what audience you are wanting to target: beginners, intermediate, or experts. I would say mine was targeting the intermediate group, but I put myself in the mindset of a beginner because I did not want to assume that my audience knew everything that I did.

After I figured out who I wanted to target, I had to go through the video in my head and how I wanted it to ultimately look. This allows me to get all the shots that I need for the video. I decided that I wanted to use this outline:

  1. The Eyes
    • Primer/ eyeliner/ eyeshadow/ mascara/ brush
    • Application
  2. The Face
    • Primer/ foundation/ bronzer and blush/ setting powder
    • Application

This was a very rough outline of what I wanted, but I could visualize it in my head and that is all that mattered. Next, it was time to shoot my video! I set up in my room and added some lights so that it was easier to see the details of what I was doing. My biggest struggle was setting my phone in the perfect spot. I had a giant mirror across my desk and wanted to make sure nothing was reflecting in the mirror. I ended up using my selfie stick and laying it across my desk and leaning the phone up against the mirror. It only fell down twice while recording:)

I took all my raw footage to Premier, where I edited it and made it into a completed “how to” video. It isn’t the fanciest video, but it has titles and it makes sense.

Overall, I think that it turned out well despite the challenges that I faced. For me, I am not sure how well it helped my online brand. I mean, I don’t think it hurt it any; I just don’t think it really helped. For a video major or web-based major, I think it would be of great benefit. However, in the world of marketing, I really don’t think it is a make-or-break component. I know that promotional videos are great (especially for Facebook), but that is about it.

  • Improvements: Add music and describe each item in more detail.
  • Promotion: Post link to other social media sights for friends and family to see.
  • Future plans: I do not plan on making any videos in the future. I would say there are people who would benefit from having such videos, I just feel that it is not something that would be of great benefit to me.

makeup tutorial


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