A Printz Resume

My name is Anna and I am a senior at Hastings College. I am a Marketing major with Advertising/Public Relations and Visual Media minors. When I am not in class or doing homework, I am most likely cheering on the sidelines for the Hastings College athletic teams. Being an HC Cheerleader is time consuming, but it pushes me to have exceptional time management in order to balance everything. I am also the Captain for the Hastings College Love Your Melon organization on campus, and the Treasurer for my sorority, Alpha Delta Alpha, and Marketing Club. I am also Academic Showcase Day Chair for Alpha Chi, as well as Vice President of selections for Omicron Delta Kappa.

There are many aspects that I love about life, but enjoying the small things seems to be a reoccurring interest of mine. Details are the most important aspect when attempting to stand apart from the crowd, and that is why I became a Marketing major. I was, and still am, the girl with the planner in hand at all times using different colored pens depending on the subject. I strongly believe that details are what speak the loudest in a design or a project because they can either make or break the overall impression of the piece. That is what I want to contribute to the world of marketing and advertising.

At Hastings College we have been told to “Pursue your Passion”, and I believe that I am doing just that when I create my projects, cheer on the HC Broncos, or donate beanies through Love Your Melon to children batting cancer. I hope that my passion is evident throughout my work, and I encourage you to take a look through my online portfolio to see what I am all about!